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About Collab

Collab is a YouTube Creator Development company founded by James, Tyler, and Will McFadden, the brother creative team behind the digital comedy studio, GoPotato and the Internet's most popular joke series, Eli's Dirty Jokes. GoPotato videos have racked up more than 70 million views on YouTube and Eli's Dirty Jokes is the first original internet show ever to be picked up by HBO and broadcast on any of their TV networks.
Being professional web video creators since 2006, we've had plenty of ups and downs and have learned a ton along the way. Armed with our passion for web video and knowledge of both the business and creative sides of YouTube, we set out to build the type of company that we'd want to do business with. We hope you do too.

The Team

When you’re here, you’re Family. – Collab.
Olive Garden isn't using that slogan anymore so we borrowed it.

Core Values

ADWIB stands for Always Do What Is Best (for Collab Creators). We believe that if we focus on delivering an amazing service to our partners, the rest will take care of itself.

Service Comes First
We know how frustrating it is to send an important email and receive an unhelpful auto-response or no response at all. That's why we're almost always available to provide support.* And we maintain open communication with Collab Creators to ensure happiness instead of mere satisfaction.

*We reserve the right to not immediately respond to your email if we are witnessing the birth of our first child or riding a jet ski.

The Golden Rule
We wouldn't be working with you if you weren't great at what you do. We will always treat you with respect and expect the same in return.

Quality is Key...
We believe great content creators need Master Chef-like quality standards. Gordon Ramsey won't let an overcooked, underseasoned risotto leave the kitchen, and Collab Creators don’t upload anything less than their best.

...As is Strategy
It’s essential to create properly formatted metadata, upload eye-catching thumbnails, and understand the technical points that make a video successful. Give yourself the greatest chance for success by doing all the little things that can have a big impact on your views (and earnings).

Timely payments. No exceptions.
No one likes to have their money messed with, especially when you have bills to pay. We issue payments to our creators as soon as the funds hit the bank.

Fair terms
We don’t try to trap you with a contract full of legalese. Our clear, simple, three page contract establishes the terms of all our creator relationships so there's never any confusion or surprises.

Our Studio

Collab Creators in the Los Angeles area get the keys to our 3,000 sq. ft. fully-equipped digital video production studio.

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The best way to reach the YouTube audience is to collab (oh yeah, we went there) with YouTube influencers. Collab represents over 100 YouTube creators collectively receiving over 80 million views per month.

If you’re interested in reaching that audience, send us a message and we’ll design a custom campaign for your brand.