Collab is a digital content studio & video creator development company building a new studio model.

We believe creatively entertaining people around the world with video, can be one of the best ways to earn a living (on par with being a Chocolate Consultant or Water Slide Tester). Our mission is to boost the digital entertainer economy and make the lives of independent creators easier. We help build audience, sharpen skills and increase earnings with a combination of proprietary technology, sales, production, talent development, rights management, and friendly support.

Our network includes some of the best young comedy talent online with over 230 Million Followers and roughly 7 Billion Loops per month on Vine. We partner with leading brands to create shareable branded content for the big 6 social video platforms (Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook) as well as produce TV shows featuring digital talent.

  • Our Core Values


    ADWIB stands for Always Do What is Best for our Creators. If we focus on delivering an amazing service to our partners, the rest will take care of itself.

  • Our Core Values

    Quality Control

    We care about quality and believe great content creators need Master Chef-like standards. Chef Gordon Ramsey won't let an overcooked, underseasoned risotto leave the kitchen, and we don’t upload anything less than our best.

  • Our Core Values

    The Golden Rule

    We treat co-workers and clients, as we'd like to be treated…keeping communication friendly yet professional and respectful.

  • Our Core Values

    Weirdos Welcome

    The Internet is a strange place. Google “manbabies” if you need further confirmation. We laugh often and feel free to get weird at Collab.

  • Our Core Values

    Be Gritty

    When you combine passion and perseverance towards long term goals, you are going to get where you want to go no matter how many setbacks happen along the way. We do more with less and keep moving forward.

  • Our Core Values

    Creative Imagination

    Whether we're finding a solution to a problem or coming up with an idea for a hilarious video, imagining like a kid leads to creative breakthroughs.

  • Our Core Values

    New Adventures

    We’re always up for new adventures. Sometimes that means traveling to a place we’ve never been, pursuing a new business opportunity or struggling with the high ropes course at a company retreat in Big Bear while a corporate team building lady screams at you from 50 feet below.

  • Our Core Values

    Humble Confidence

    We’re constantly learning, improving, building strength and we always believe in our ability to get the job done. We celebrate our wins but remain humble and grateful to the team.

Founder / Co-CEO

James McFadden

Job: Implementing strategies to build our core businesses of content, software, and talent development. Fun Fact: James worked at Starbucks in highschool. While there he invented a measurement system for their coffee pots, and submitted his idea to Howard Schulz. This type of coffee pot is now used in every Starbucks.

Founder / Co-CEO

Tyler McFadden

Job: Bringing talented creators into Collab and working with those creators to develop quality original content and build their personal brands. Fun Fact: Tyler’s patented ping pong move is dubbed “the Tornado” and is nearly impossible to return.

Chief Creative Officer

Will McFadden

Job: Using his experience as a writer, actor and director to help Collab Creators improve their on-camera performance and elevate the quality of their videos. Fun Fact: Will is an actor in the critically acclaimed theatre company, The Actors’ Gang. Ex-gang members include Jack Black, John C. Reilly, John Cusack, Helen Hunt, Jeremy Piven and the original gangsta, Tim Robbins.


Soung Kang

Job: Managing the day to day business at Collab HQ and identifying new opportunities for growth. Fun Fact: Soung is a great guy to go to Vegas with... He almost always wins and generously bankrolls less fortunate friends.